Menu of Services

The Daily Dog Walk

30 minutes of fun, playtime and exercise. $20 (Longer visits and other services available for an additional charge).

Getaway Visits

Relax while you’re on vacation.  We’ll come in 3, or even 4 times per day.  We’ll even spend the night if you want us to, so your pets aren’t lonely.  $20 per visit; $75 for a “spend-the-night”.

Dog Training

Do you have a leash puller? Or a dog that knows how to sit, but doesn’t comply every time?  We can teach leash manners (heel) plus basic obedience (sit, down, recall, place).  We use a balanced approach to training, meaning while we praise and reward for good behavior, we also correct for unwanted behavior. We will provide your dog with the rules, structure and boundaries needed to be the best dog he or she can be!   $75/hour


We’ll get your furry friend to a grooming appointment, to the vet, or to a play date.  Call or email us for rates.

Pet Waste Disposal

We’ll clean up your back yard and take it away too!  $15 if we’re already on site; $20 for a separate trip.

Concierge Services

Errands, whether they’re pet-related or not, we’re happy to do for you.  Call or email for rates.

(Dog walking and pet sitting rates are per day, per visit.  Extra charges apply to multiple pets.
Weekends and holidays extra.  Prices do not include NY State Sales Tax.)